Keeping on

So much has happened in the last several months. I don’t know where to begin even. Just Stuff that Academics will Inevitably Deal with in Universities. Nothing big. Annoying, heartbreaking at times, frustrating at others, occasionally wonderful. It’s the punctuated moments of Awesome that remind me why I get in and stay and give me the strength to push through the Not Awesome.

I did finish coursework, though, and that’s huge. Now I’m preparing for qualifying exams, my dissertation proposal, a publication, a conference paper…

It is helpful for me to write in a blog format, though. Because it’s like a conversation, and sometimes I just need to talk it out. But I don’t feel like I can do this publicly anymore. That’s not say I’m completely abandoning this blog. I think there important things that need to be said about the process of being a parent and a grad student, for instance.

I’ve started a private blog for the dissertation process. As a private blog, it’s invite-only; and I’m happy to invite anyone as a reader, though, I can’t pretend that it’ll be terribly riveting. But it’s a useful place for me to pool, categorize, and tag resources, thoughts/brainstorms, and reading notes in a place that’s searchable. This is especially helpful as I balance two projects on vastly different topics and methodologies.  One thing I’ve been struggling with over the last year is how to organize my stuff. So far, the blog format seems to be a really good solution for me.



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