growing pains

The Garden of my mind is growing a lot, right now. But difficult growing. Growing that takes a lot of work and is hard to measure. When you work out at the gym, you feel and see your body getting more fit. But when you grow your mind, you can’t see it with the same tangibility. I’m tired. But a good tired.

My feminism class is just what I needed. I’m reading the range of literature I need to read, and I’m learning how to articulate things I’ve sensed. And I’m starting to see ways that will what I’m learning there will be relevant to my musicological work. A very fruitful time.

I made another push on the Deaf music paper.

And I’m even making progress on Operation Dissertation Topic. I heart my advisor who has devoted several hours over the last couple of weeks helping me through this. Seriously. All the grad school self-help books are right when they say, get thee a good advisor.

All that to say, this blog is a bit boring. I’m holding back a little. Feeling private about how my mind is developing. Almost like when finding out I’m pregnant, I need to hold that information back a bit and ponder it.


4 thoughts on “growing pains

  1. I wish we were closer. I am also growing a lot, especially in regards to feminism and coming of age in my vocation. And much like you I am keeping it in. I am letting a little more loose on my Twitter, but mostly keep a low profile with my thoughts. If I were in Boston we could debrief together on a train home from the city.

  2. aww… I like the metaphor of the mind working with pregnancy. Yes, you’re gestating an idea. Hey, do you have the writing your diss in 15 min a day book? I will gladly mail you mine. And also the other one, something like how to survive writing a doctoral dissertation. Email me your address (not to the email connected to this comment, though, preferably to my main one

    And CONGRATS on getting a great advisor. And on the new house, it looks lovely!!!

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