“I have measured my life in coffee spoons”

Time for you and time for me, And time yet for a hundred indecisions, And for a hundred visions and revisions, Before the taking of a toast and tea.

~T. S. Eliot

I have been a blogger for nine and a half years. In blogger years, I’m pretty sure that’s nearly a hundred.

But the last few years have been so slow. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and all the other candy of social networking, the reasons for me to blog slowed. I only blogged to share my kids’ art projects and the fun places we went to. Now all I have to do is check-in from my smart-phone.

When I started blogging, it fulfilled a need for me as a newly-married 20-something living in a new city with few friends starting off a new life. I needed someone to talk to, a way to connect with my old friends and to have the familiar conversations with them. I started grad school. I welcomed my first child. I learned to sew. Then my second child. I learned to knit. We all joined Facebook. More kids and less sleep makes Facebook an attractive option. And I didn’t have the same need anymore to talk to someone.

Now I do. I’m back in grad school. I started my PhD program in musicology last fall (2011). I moved my husband, my 6yo, my 3yo, and my sister to make it happen. I’m exhausted. I’m in love. Thrilled, tired, and terrified, all at once. Falling back in love with the black dots on the white page after a six year hiatus. A hiatus in which I not only did nothing academic, I barely even listened to music. I, who breathed music, set it aside. In many ways this year is the year of reacquaintance. Remembering all those things I’ve forgotten in the sleep deprivation and physical toll of babies, combined with life’s difficulties which need not be elaborated here, but they were difficult, and I needed to survive them. I’m back now. And I need someone to talk to.

Just a note: I could use this fresh start to blog anonymously, but that’s not really me. I won’t flaunt my identity, but I won’t hide it either.


2 thoughts on ““I have measured my life in coffee spoons”

  1. C’mon, you’re not blogging anonymously here, but you were kind of hiding the blog from the world, no? 😉 I think you finally linked to it on facebook last week and here I am, ready to read the archives. I probably already told you that I really wanted to have a phd in ethno-musicology. If I had more lives to live I could do that… and also another one in art history. I wish I could have the world world. Too bad life is so short! 😉
    P.S. this wordpress account I have is just for commenting, I don’t really blog in it or anything…

    • Lol. I thought I emailed u! 🙂 no it’s not private or anonymous, but I’m not necessarily all of my family and friends know about it–wh is why I’m not talking about it on my personal FB page. (greater intellectual freedom) *grin*

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